The Isle of Catalina Homeowners Association (ICHA) is proud to offer the Isle of Catalina Beach House for rent. The information contained in this pamphlet is designed to provide information prior to your completion of the Beach House Rental Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact the Beach House Supervisor.
A. Rental Requirements
The resident who signs the Facility Rental Agreement must be a legal owner of record or properly registered tenant-occupant, and must present his/her picture identification when renting a facility. The resident MUST be current on Association dues. The resident who is renting the Beach House CAN NOT rent it for a Isle resident who is in NOT current on Association dues. The resident is fully liable to pay and assumes all liability and holds harmless the Isle of Catalina Homeowners Association (ICHA) from any and all claims. Any damage caused to Association property/facilities shall be the responsibility of the resident signing the Facility Rental Agreement. The resident must be in attendance at the facility at all times, including set-up and clean-up (arrival departure of caterers, entertainers, florists etc.).
(a)The resident member must leave the facility in the same condition as when accepted. If the facilities monitor does not feel that the cleanup is satisfactory when he/she returns at the appointed time to inspect and lock the facility, the Monitor may, at his or her option, require additional cleaning or dismiss the resident and notify them that additional cleaning will be needed, but will be done by the Association and charged back to the resident. If additional cleaning time is granted, the resident will be responsible for the time that exceeds the appointed closing time (see page 2, Late Fee). The facility is provided “as is” and there are no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the fitness of the equipment within the facility. The Association takes all measures to ensure that equipment is operational.
(b)A cleaning/security deposit is required for all facility rentals in addition to any rental fee. The deposit will be returned at the discretion of the ICHA Board of Directors or designate, provided that the facility is deemed clean and Association property, equipment and furnishings are undamaged and in the same condition as they were prior to the rental, and further, that all rules and regulations have been adhered to, as well as all contractual obligations, terms and conditions.
(c)All equipment, supplies personal articles, displays, trash etc., must be removed by the end of the rental period. All supplies left at the facility will be discarded, unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed with Monitor or delegated individual.
(d)The following conditions must be met when renting the beach house:
1.Rice, birdseed or confetti throwing is not permitted.
2.Rented facility must be left in good, clean condition.
2a. – stack all chairs and place around the wall.
2b. – leave tables up and place around the wall

2c- sweep and mop the floor

3.All counter areas and tabletops used must be in clean condition; kitchen clean-up includes all equipment, appliances and surfaces.
4.Trash must be taken with the resident (do not leave trash on beach house grounds) or place your garbage in dumpsters & comeback to take it to the curb for the next pick-up day or pay $25.00 fine.
5. No inflatable jumping rooms on the property, or you lose deposit!
A. Fees
A Beach House Rental Agreement must be completed in full and accompanied with full payment of all fees and deposits at the time of reservation. Rental fees for any agreement written and executed less than ten (10) days prior to the facility rental must be paid by money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks or cash). All fees, deposits, etc. must be paid by the resident signing the Rental Agreement. No business checks will be accepted.
Usage Fee
Daily rental fee $200.00* (plus $14.00 sales tax) except as noted below for holidays.
A deposit of $200.00* is required on all rentals. A Resident’s deposit check will not be cashed unless there are damages at the time of rental or maximum occupancy rules have been violated. If the reservation is for multiple dates lasting more than three (3) months, the deposit check will be cashed and the refund check will be issued no later than thirty (30) days after the last rental date.
A representative of the Association will provide a key to open and close the Beach House the day of the scheduled event. At closing, the late fee begins fifteen (15) minutes after the contracted closing time. Beach House Closing time is 10:00p.m.
If key is not returned to the designated associate by 8:00 am the day following the rental, a $15.00 fee will charged and deducted from the deposit.
Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee of $50.00* or $100.00*(less then 10 days) will be charged for canceling the facility rental once processing has begun. Cancellation of the facility rental must be made in writing no later than ten (10) days prior to the requested rental date in order to have any applicable amounts refunded.
Holiday Rentals
Holiday rentals are $250.00* per day (plus 17.50 sales tax). Holidays are as follows:
New Years Eve
New Years Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Independence Day (July 4th)
Thanksgiving Day
Labor Day
Memorial Day
*All fees, deposits and charges are subject to change by the Board of Directors.

Including, but not limited to the following:

-Facilities are rented on a first come, first serve basis; certain restrictions apply.

-The use of the Isle of Catalina Home Owners Association property, facilities, Equipment and furnishings are the exclusive privilege of Association members and their guests. They are not to be used for any purpose in violation of applicable city, county, or state statutes, or Association Rules, Regulations or policies.

-Money or fees exchanged for entrance into the activity/function is strictly prohibited.

-Food/alcoholic beverages may be served.

-The oven & stove are to be used for heating food up ONLY , the are NOT for cooking dishes.

-Decorations are permitted; certain restrictions and conditions apply.

-Rice, birdseed or confetti throwing is prohibited.

-Association facilities may be rented for political events under certain guidelines.

-Smoking and any open flame (candles, tike torches, etc.) are prohibited inside the Beach house.

-Isle of Catalina parking lots and/or parking spaces are restricted to a “first come, first serve” basis only.

-Signs may not be places on ICHA property without prior written approval.

-Flammable liquids or flammable gas is not allowed without the prior written permission.

-Reservations may be made a maximum of six (6) months in advance.

-Live entertainment and amplified music may be permitted with prior written approval.

-Rentals exceeding fifty (50) people will lose their deposit.

-In order to provide continued service to the residents of the Isle of Catalina, Isle of Catalina Homeowners Association

activities (i.e. meetings, clubs, programs, etc.) have priority.

NOTE: The above noted rules and policies are subject to modification by the ICHA Board of Directors at any time.


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